Debra Lekanoff  and Cindy Wolf wearing masks and smiling.

Cindy Wolf is a long-time leader, civic engagement colleague, an outreach and community partner, and advocate for the San Juan Islands. In 2018, she invested in me as a candidate and today I am investing in her as a candidate for San Juan County Council!

Cindy is a tremendous community leader, always listening with a keen ear to the issues and needs around her, and taking strong action to address those issues. She brings with her the power of a mother and represents the best values for the San Juan Islands with the compassion and integrity we all want steering us in the right direction.

Today, I am proud to endorse my friend, Vote Cindy Wolf for San Juan County Council!

Debra Lekanoff

“Cindy would bring a fresh perspective and new energy to the San Juan County Council. She’s an organizer and an activist and that work is good preparation to step into leadership.” 

-Alex Ramel


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